I was tired of being unable to last during sex. My friend had told me about VigRX Plus and said it worked great. I only tried 1 box and couldn't believe the results. I lasted way longer than ever before and my orgasms are way more powerful. This stuff really works!! I just ordered some more...
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Premature Ejaculation - Effective alternatives to Dapoxetine


Premature Ejaculation - Products that work.

Dapoxetine (sold as Priligy) is a pharmaceutical drug which Johnson & Johnson hopes will one day be available worldwide as the only prescription medication designed to help treat premature ejaculation. Although Dapoxetine is available by doctor's prescription in 6 Euopean countries, it is not yet available anywhere else at this time. While it is possible that Dapoxetine may be effective in helping fight premature ejaculation in many men - this might not happen for a number of years - if at all.

This may seem like bad news if you're hoping to cure your premature ejaculation, but you shouldn't despair. The great news is there are a number of medically developed alternatives to Dapoxetine that are guaranteed to help eliminate your premature ejaculation. These products are proven safe, have no side effects, and best of all - these products will work for you or you get 100% of your money back.


The following products have undergone lengthy clinical studies to prove their effectiveness, and will start showing significant results in a matter of weeks. We have selected these top performing products for premature ejaculation based on several criteria - medical studies, doctor recommendations, and perhaps most importantly - reader feedback from the men who have used these products with great success. We encourage you to learn more about these excellent products which will help you eliminate premature ejaculation and increase your sexual performance to levels like you've never seen before.



PREXIL prexil is rated 5-stars
prexil box
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PREXIL - As low as: $33.00 per box

PREXIL has been the leading premature ejaculation pill for a number of years now. Prexil is a potent blend of herbal ingredients that have been selected for their effect on delaying ejaculation and dramatically increasing sexual stamina. Created and distributed by Pro Edge Labs, Prexil quickly became the industry standard for stopping premature ejaculation.

Prexil comes with an excellent 100% money back guarantee for 60 days, in the rare event that it doesn't work for you. Prexil offers excellent quantity discounts and you can save an astounding $428.00 when you order a 12-month supply of this potent cure for premature ejaculation. With these fantastic discounts, you'll get your PREXIL for as low as $33.00 per box.

VigRX Plus vigrx plus rated 5-stars

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VigRX Plus - As low as: $41.00 per box

VigRX Plus is the world's leading male enhancement formula and seems to be the recommended treatment chosen by doctors for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Feedback from customers and our readers seems to confirm this, and VigRX Plus is also getting good marks for it's effectiveness in fighting premature ejaculation. VigRX Plus has undergone numerous exhaustive clinical studies which confirm it's effectiveness. VigRX Plus was developed as a potent herbal solution to erection problems and PE. Although not quite as good as top-rated Prexil, VigRX Plus has been used successfullly by over 1 million men worldwide, and VigRX Plus should definitely be considered as a choice for any man looking to cure their premature ejaculation problems.

VigRX Plus comes with an exceptional "no questions asked" 100% money back guarantee for 67 days. If you order today you can take advantage of their remarkable Diamond Package and save a massive $434.00 PLUS get over $200 in free bonuses. Best of all, you'll get your VigRX Plus for as low as $41.00 per box.




Prosolution Pills
prosolution pills for premature ejaculation
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Prosolution - As low as: $32.42 per box

Prosolution Pills have been around for a number of years and are considered one of the top natural male enhancers available today. Developed by Marabou Herbals in 2004, Prosolution Pills will help eliminate premature ejaculation, increase erection size and firmness, and improve orgasm intensity. Prosolution is doctor and naturopath recommended, and a very solid choice for men looking to improve ejaculation control, delay climax, and increase erection size and hardness.

Prosolution Pills are backed by an astounding 6-month money back guarantee. Order the Prosolution Elite package and you'll receive 6 FREE bonuses, and save $558 off the regular price. This means you can get your Prosolution Pills for as low as $32.42 per box.



SizeGenetics Device sizegenetics rated 5-stars
sizegenetics is extremely effective in curing premature ejaculation
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SizeGenetics - Save an extra $50 today.

The SizeGenetics device has been around for over a decade, and helped men around the world increase penis length and girth, eliminate premature ejaculation, and strengthen erections. Penis stretcher devices like SizeGenetics have been conclusively proven to increase penile length and girth in 2 - 4 months when used as directed. Subsequently it was discovered that these devices are also extremely effective in eliminating premature ejaculation, and work to improve ejaculatory control by desensitizing certain areas of the penis prone to overstimulation. Details on these studies can be found here.

SizeGenetics provides amazing results for a wide range of male sexual performance problems. Check the SizeGenetics website for details on how you can get a FREE SizeGenetics device - and it's much easier than you think! SizeGenetics offers an excellent 6-month guarantee.




Dapoxetine (Priligy) - Available only in certain parts of Europe.


dapoxetine (priligy) is not yet availableAt this time, Dapoxetine for men is not available unless you live in Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Austria or Germany. Dapoxetine has been approved for sale in these countries, and is currently marketed and sold under the brand name Priligy. Dapoxetine may not be available in North America, the UK, or the rest of the world, for a number of years.


For men looking to cure their premature ejaculation problems right now, we strongly recommend the products listed above, as they are guaranteed to work, are extremely safe, and offer great value and affordability. These treatments will provide quick and dramatic results for the majority of men who try them.


We advise men against buying Dapoxetine at this time, as the FDA has not seen evidence proving the long term safety and benefits of Dapoxetine. However, if you are absolutely determined to buy Dapoxetine (Priligy) at this time, it is only available online through select European online pharmacies. Men considering ordering Dapoxetine at this time should do so with caution - and the knowledge they do so at their own risk.


Premature Ejaculation treatments - How they work.

The popular PE treatments recommended on this site all have one thing in common. Although some of them work in different ways, the results are the same - they work to eliminate premature ejaculation and dramatically increase your time to ejaculation during sex. Some men who previously could only last 1 - 2 minutes during intercourse were amazed to see that within a few months they were able to last 10 - 20 minutes and sometimes longer.


While some of these programs use exercise techniques to train the body (specifically the penis) to last longer during stimulation, others work to increase the serotonin levels in the body to normal levels, as many researchers believe low serotonin levels are the primary cause for premature ejaculation. We leave it to you to further research which of these options are best for you - but take satisfaction in knowing that over 90% of men will eliminate premature ejaculation using the methods above.


The benefits of curing premature ejaculation.

great sex with no premature ejaculation

We get hundreds of e-mails and letters each month from men thrilled to share their stories of curing their premature ejaculation. Once you stop your premature ejaculation problem and again start fully enjoying sex - you'll understand why they're so happy.

Premature ejaculation often destroys a couple's sex life, and can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy and happy relationship. After you cure your premature ejaculation you'll enjoy amazing, long lasting sex that will satisfy both you and your partner.


Benefits of these top recommended PE treatments:

  • Last up to 4 or 5 times longer during sex
  • Delay ejaculation until your partner achieves orgasm
  • Dramatically increase orgasm intensity and duration
  • Increased confidence and vastly improved sexual performance
  • Reduces refractory period needed between orgasms - enjoy "multiple sessions"


While Dapoxetine may one day be widely available to temporarily help treat premature ejaculation, there are new products available which have proven to actually cure premature ejaculation in a matter of months or sometimes weeks. These herbal premature ejaculation supplements are completely safe, and as simple as taking a vitamin every day. Don't wait another day - you can try these products in your home risk-free, and if you're not completely thrilled, you'll get 100% of your money back - no questions asked.


We wish you luck in your journey to improve your sexual performance and eliminate premature ejaculation forever. We know YOU WILL succeed in your desire to improve your performance and last longer during sex. Increase the passion and pleasure for both you and your partner by taking these easy steps that will make sex a mind blowing experience. Don't waste another day - take action today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow and for the rest of your life!


Most effective premature ejaculation treatments:

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