I actually bought the Sizegenetics device with the hopes of adding some penile size, which I did - but the bonus was that I was able to last much longer during sex. I'd say I went from lasting about 8 minutes to at least 15 minutes and usually more. It was definitely an unexpected bonus from using the Sizegenetics system...



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Dapoxetine Testimonials.


Dapoxetine & Alternatives - Testimonials

Because Dapoxetine is only available in a few European countries by prescription only, Dapoxetine testimonials are very hard to come by. Until Dapoxetine (sold as Priligy) becomes widely available, there will not be as many Dapoxetine testimonials as we would like to see. However, we have accumulated as many Dapoxetine testimonials as we could find, as well as several testimonials from men who've tried the Dapoxetine alternatives listed on this site.


These Dapoxetine and Dapoxetine alternative testimonials have been submitted by actual customers detailing their success/failure in using these various treatments for premature ejaculation.


dapoxetine customer

"I used to actually take Dapoxetine as an anti-depressant and it really caused problems on my sex drive. It was difficult to even get an erection while I took it. I don't know if they made any changes or anything with this, but when I saw this listed as a sexual enhancement, I had to let y'all know that it caused DYSfunction for me." Travis, 49


"I had heard that Dapoxetine might be a cure for premature ejaculation. At first I was disappointed when I found out it wasn't available in the States, but after reading that Prexil worked great, I gave it a shot - and I'm thrilled!. This stuff is amazing!! Thanks for the tip. My girlfriend thanks you and I thank you!" Mike Bolton , USA


dapoxetine testimonial

"I had premature ejaculation problems my whole life. I heard about Priligy but wasn't convinced it was safe. I tried one of your recommended products (VigRX Plus Pills) and now I'm a new man. I last at least twice as long as before and my husband is actually amazed! We're both happy that we came across your site." Guy Effler, Victoria - Canada



dapoxetine customerThroughout my career as doctor, researcher and author I am constantly investigating new solutions and supplements that I can share with my patients to help them improve the quality of their sex life and that is why when I found VigRX Plus I was pleasantly surprised.

As a doctor I am very critical of many of the natural sexual enhancement products available today but I would wholeheartedly recommend VigRX Plus to any man that is looking to improve his sexual performance, ejaculation control, and erection quality." Dr. Steven Lamm - Resident Doctor on ABC's "The View"



" Well i can last with Dapoxetine but like some others have stated i'm less interested in sex than i used to be. My wife usually has to initiate it. I guess it works for her." Thomas, 34, Sweden


"I always climaxed within a couple minutes and I could tell my wife wasn't satisfied. I tried Prexil capsules and have enjoyed fantastic results. I'm thrilled beyond words and my wife has a huge smile on her face! I've just place an order for 12 more boxes because I don't want this to ever end. Prexil definitely got the job done for me!!" Luis Quesada, Costa Rica



priligy customer"If you want to have increased sexual desire, sexual stamina and incredible self-confidence then the ProSolution™ system is one of the best products available. Prosolution substantially increases your ability to please your sexual partner for longer periods of time.

It also decreases the likelihood of premature ejaculations, a primarily psychological condition which ProSolution has been shown to be very effective in treating, according to users of the Prosolution system: ProSolution Pills and the For Men Only exercise program." Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D. - RCP Doctor of Clinical Psychology



"I knew I had premature ejaculation because I could never last more than 2 minutes during intercourse. A friend of mine had tried Prexil and had really good things to say about it. bought 6 boxes and within weeks noticed major improvement. I've now been using Prexil for 4 months and the results are fantastic. I can usually last for close to 15 minutes now, and it's getting better every week." Phil Braithwaite , 24


priligy testimonial" So I was depressed as hell because my sex life had totally tanked and I needed something to get myself back up in every way and thought that dapoxetine would fix just about everything, but instead it fixed nothing, and now I feel worse than when I started. Crap." Carlos, 39 - USA


" Through the Sizegenetics program my erections have become stronger and I maintain it for a longer period of time. I can definitely last much longer during sex than before I bought Sizegenetics. My wife has commented on the difference and we have sex a hell of lot more, although I couldn't complain before!" Garry, UK



dapoxetine user" I tried Dapoxetine to delay ejaculation, you have to adjust the dose to give you the best result, more than 30 mg takes me so long to ejaculate, I use now 1/2 dose and I use it when I make love only ( 60mg/week max.) If you did it today and you have plan to do it again tomorrow, lower the dose to 15 mg. It takes some time but after trials and error you can make your own pattern and you will enjoy the control of ejaculation and you will gain few minutes more during intercourse." Nils, 41- Finland


"I lived with my premature ejaculation for years because I was too embarrassed to see anyone about it. I finally saw my doctor and he told me about Prexil. After only 8 weeks I feel like a new man. Last week I actually lasted long enough for my girlfriend to have an orgasm. Now she can't get enough of me!! I just ordered some more. Prexil really works like it claims. " Wade Hoppe, USA


dapoxetine testimonial2"Before I found your site I was definitely a "minute man" when it came to sex. I was lucky if I could last 3 minutes during intercourse. With oral sex it was even worse. I've been using Prexil pills for about 3 months now and my premature ejaculation is a thing of the past. It took a few weeks but then the results were super noticeable.....now I can usually go for 15 to 20 minutes before ejaculating - sometimes even longer. My sex life is way, way better and I'm so glad I tried Prexil. Thanks guys!!" Brent Samuelson , 27


"This VigRX Plus rocks!!! Not only has it made me last 4 times longer during sex, but the orgasms on this stuff are so much stronger - it's like being a teenager again!! The added bonus is my erections are so much harder and I've actually gained a couple of inches in length when erect, and about 1 inch in girth as well." Trevor Lunn, 48


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If you've ever suffered from premature ejaculation then you know first hand how frustrating it can be. These men also knew the devastating effects of PE. However, you can easily overcome your premature ejaculation and drastically increase your ability to last longer during sex - just like these men did. This is just a small sample of letters we've received from thousands of men just like you who've taken the steps to cure their PE forever.


We encourage you to learn more about the variety of treatment options available for men with premature ejaculation. Whether you suffer from extreme premature ejaculation, or just wish you could last a few minutes longer - there are products out there that can give you back your sex life again. Start treating your PE now and enjoy long lasting, amazing sex - and pleasure your partner like she never dreamed possible.


Most effective premature ejaculation treatments:

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